Yo! Y21 Extreme Sports HD Video Camera

Posted by Tim - October 4th, 2012

That’s right, there’s a new contender… and a formidable one at that!

With all the accessories under the sun, in the box, a built in LCD screen and battery life to out-do joint forces of 3 of its rivals, this really should be the next model for Yo!

Wow yourself with the quality of this video and…

… check these for some specs, out the box!

… or have a look at the main site, go on, treat yourself HERE!

Glass Lens, Low Light Performance 2 x Sharp Professional
Photo Features / FOV
Megapixels 3M, 5M, 8MMedium: 145 FOVWide: 175 FOV
Modes Single Shot10 Shots Per SecondTime-LapseContinual: 0.5s, 1.0s, 2.0s, 10.0s, 30.0s, 60.0sSelf-Timer
Video Resolution/fps/fov
1080i 16:9/1920 x 1080iWide: 175 fovMedium: 145 fovNarrow: 120 fov60 fps
1080p 16:9/1920 1080pWide: 175 fovMedium: 145 fovNarrow: 120 fov30 fps
960p 4:3/1280 x 960pWide: 175 fov30fps/60fps
720p 16:9/1280 x 720pWide: 175 fov30fps/60fps
WVGA(480P) 16:9/848 x 720pWide 175 fov60fps/120fps
User Interface Simle Language Based Interface Via Screen
Laser 1MW
Inputs HDMI, Port, TF, USB, AV-OUT
Average Standard Battery Life 2.5Hrs
Simultaneous Record+Charge YES
G-Sensor YES
Cycle Recording YES
EIS (G Sensor) YES
Image Rotate YES
Digital Zoom 10X
Exposure Centre, Average, Spot
Bitrate Fine, Standard
Self Timer Mode 3.0s, 5.0s, 10.0s
Treble YES
Remote YES – Distance 5m, 10m, 100m
Support Wireless (Optional) 200m, 500m
Extra Battery 1.5H (850mAH), 5H(2500mAH)
BacPacs Included TFT Display, Remote Control, Li Battery
Memory Card Micro SD Upto 64 G

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